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Relaxation Massage

If a remedial massage is not what you are after, a relaxation massage with our massage therapist Michelle from Knots Begone Remedial Massage may be just what you are after. A relaxation massage is extremely beneficial to your mind and body. It’s a wonderful way to fully relax, allowing the mind to drift off while your body settles into a very relaxing state.


There’s no need to wait until our bodies break down to show them some love and nurture. You might be ache and pain free, but a relaxing massage might be just what you need, to keep your body feeling energised and functional!

A relaxation massage with Michelle is a gentle and intuitive experience, designed to alleviate stress and promote a rest state, leaving you feeling fresh and light.

The use of hot basalt stones can really enhance your ability to relax, and may be used during your session.

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