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Reiki is a natural, energetic healing technique that helps heal an individual’s entire mind, body and soul. It is a gentle yet powerful technique that is non-invasive. The person remains fully clothed and may feel the healing energy as a soothing heat – similar to the comfort of having a wheat pack on a
sore area. They may also feel some vibration; which signifies that the region is willing to absorb the healing it’s receiving.

Reiki can help with relieving pain, and clearing and balancing chakras and the aura (energy systems within and around the body). It may also help relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression; helping people feel calmer and at peace.


Some people report feeling as though a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. They can also have an improvement in mood and better quality of sleep. Intuitive messages may be received from your mind, body and soul. Jenelle will share everything with you that you need to receive for your highest good.

Angel or Tarot Card Readings


During your session with Jenelle she can use either a traditional Tarot Deck or an Angel Card deck depending on your preference and what you feel most comfortable using.


During these readings Jenelle will provide you with intuitive messages received from your mind, body and soul; and uses the cards and her pendulum as further tools to verify what you need to know for your highest good. You may ask specific questions about areas of your life. For example, work, career, love and family life. General information may come through also. What comes through can be beyond our control – but it’s always positive.

Every reading is surrounded in spiritual/energetic protection. No negativity can influence the readings. Readings are a great way of either validating what you already know within yourself, or providing you with some guidance when you may feel lost and unsure of which direction to head in. Jenelle will not tell you what to do; you have free will. She is just here to interpret what her chosen tools are trying to communicate to you. You are empowered to make the right decisions for you.

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