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Pregnancy & Birth Coaching


The pregnancy & birth coaching program is designed to increase your knowledge and confidence about what to expect during pregnancy, and delivers physical and mental preparation for labour, childbirth, and postnatal recovery. It can also assist you in making informed decisions about the type of care you and your baby receive throughout pregnancy, birth, and after baby has arrived.


Stephanie, founder of Mind Body Baby, is here to provide you with education, guidance and support each step of the way. While many pregnant women choose to attend childbirth preparation classes well into their third trimester, Stephanie believes that early education and preparation during pregnancy provides additional benefits and can enhance your overall physical and mental health throughout this life-changing transformation.

Personalised sessions with Stephanie may include assistance with:

  • Understanding the impact of pregnancy on your body

  • Safe pregnancy exercise guidelines

  • Preparing for your labour and birth

  • Knowing what to expect & managing expectations

  • Creating a birth preferences document

  • Relaxation & comfort measures for labour

  • Utilising effective pushing techniques during birth

  • How your support person can assist you

  • Facilitating a healthy post-birth recovery

  • Breastfeeding & newborn care

Stephanie has extensive knowledge and experience within the field of pregnancy, birth, and postnatal recovery and is excited about sharing valuable tools and information with you to optimise your overall pre & postnatal health and wellness.

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